48 Best Quotes on Jealousy FOR Friendship & Relationships

If you are looking for the best quotes for jealous friends and relationships, then I have brought the best quote for you.

Friendship and relationships are such a bond which is very important in our life. As the relationship between partners deepens over time, feelings of jealousy may also arise due to the intensity of love. To express these emotions poetically, we have compiled some quotes for jealous friends and lovers.

These quotes and messages convey the love and commitment you have for your partner, expressing your desire for them to be sole with you. Through these jealous poems for a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can express your feelings of jealousy and desire to keep your partner and friends by your side.”

Quotes For Jealousy Friends

1) “Jealousy is a terrible disease and one of the worst of all human passions.”

Jealousy can even lead to destructive or violent behavior.

2) “Man doesn’t just burn with fire,
Some people get jealous of our style.”

Some people are feel envious on someone else appearance and action.
Quotes For Jealousy Friends

3) “Hope is the best medicine for jealousy.”

Positive Thinking and belief in the future, can be a helpful for managing with feelings of jealousy.

4) “no envy, no competition
My own destination, my own race.”

People should focus on their own goals and aspirations instead of envy or competition.
Quotes For Jealousy Friends

5) “Jealousy is like that poison,
Which destroys you and your ideals.”

Jealousy can be toxic and damaging, similar to poison.

6) “People who are passionate about the success
The whole world is jealous of those people only.”

Some people may be more likely to work hard and persevere to face challenges. Which can be seen as jealousy by others.

7) “Those who are jealous of others, get destroyed by burning,
They move forward and become happy with the happiness of others.”

Jealousy is an emotion that can lead to negative consequences, but it is possible to move past it and find happiness by focusing on one’s own goals and being happy for others.
Quotes For Jealousy Friends

8) “How much a person changes in a moment,
When he burns in the fire of jealousy.”

Jealousy can have a powerful and immediate effect on a person’s behavior and attitudes.

9) “Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value.”

Jealousy may be fueled by a lack of self-worth or a belief that one is not deserving of the things they desire.
Quotes For Jealousy Friends

10) “Jealousy never comes alone
Along with it brings many other evils.”

Excessive jealousy can result in negative behaviors and attitudes, including control, mistrust, and aggression.

11) “Jealousy is a toxic emotion that can ruin friendships, relationships, and even entire families if it’s not kept in check.”

Quotes For Jealousy Friends

12) “Jealousy is a killer. It is an enemy to happiness and contentment.”

13) “Even in their gathering, we are now being discussed
Looks like some other people are jealous of us.”

Negative discussion may be motivated by jealousy on the part of the people discussing the speaker and the other person.

14) “Jealousy is a waste of time because you only desire what you don’t have, but can’t enjoy what you do have.”

15) “Those who were jealous of us kept showing us the wrong path
And we closed our eyes and kept showering love on them.”

Quotes For Jealousy Friends
Quotes For Jealousy Friends

16) “Jealousy is just loved and hate at the same time.”

Jealousy can involve both conflict emotions of love and hate towards the person or thing that is the source of the jealousy.

17) “Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.”

18) “Getting burned by fire doesn’t hurt that much,
As much trouble as a jealous person gets.”

Quotes for jealous haters

Here are a few quotes about Jealousy for Haters:

19) “Jealousy is poison. Jealousy eats you from the inside out.”

20) “It hurts when a friend fails.
But if a friend becomes the top, it becomes very sad.”

21) “Women don’t even do housework that well.
As good as one woman is jealous of another woman.”

Quotes for jealous haters
Quotes for jealous haters

22) “Jealousy is the fear that someone else will become the most important person in your life.”

23) “We are bad that’s why we are living
Had he been good, where would the world have let him live?”

24) “Jealousy is a terrible disease. Love, respect, and trust should be the foundation of any relationship.”

Quotes for jealous haters

25) “When you talk to someone else, I really feel jealous.”

26) “True love never gets jealous of the lover
Because there is no bigger fire than love.”

27) “Those who are not jealous of anyone,
They are able to move further than others.”

Quotes for jealous haters

28) “Jealousy is a sign of love,
This is the story of every true lover.”

30) “I want to hug you like this
I want to hide from the eyes of the world.”

31) “The one who burns with the moon must be a lover like me,
Damn moon, must be watching you every day from the terrace.”

Quotes for jealous girlfriend

29) “Don’t burn like a fire
You are soft like a rose.”

32) “May our love live long,
There should be neither jealousy nor jealousy in it.”

Quotes for jealous lover

33) “Love means trust and where there is trust there is no room for jealousy.”

34) “Your jealousy shows how much you love me. May God protect our love from the evil eye.”

Quotes For Jealous Relatives

There can be many reasons for the feeling of jealousy between relatives. For example, a sibling may feel envious of a parent’s attention to a younger sibling, or a cousin may feel envious of another cousin’s success or achievements. Jealousy can also be triggered by past experiences or events, such as a feeling of being overlooked or wronged in the past.

Here are a few quotes about jealousy among relatives:

35) “Time tells everything
Company of loved ones and status of loved ones too!”

36) “I don’t want you to look at our relationship of love through the glasses of jealousy. I am afraid that this jealousy may one day take away our happiness.”

37) “Often the people who meet you with folded hands in good times leave your hand in your bad times.”

38) “You have to think a lot before you open your mouth
Because the world no longer deals with the heart, but with the mind!”

39) “Millions will be found here who pretend to help,
But the one who helps will not be seen here!”

40) “I have also changed the principle of life, only the one who remembers will be remembered!”

41) “There are all kinds of people in this world, some will support you with a good heart and some will support you only on good days.”

42) “Nowadays people only maintain the relationship of enmity with the truth.
Otherwise, love is just for showing off!”

43) “keep your eyes open if you want to sleep
Otherwise, your own people will declare you dead!”

44) “Your name will remain on people’s lips only till they have some use for you.”

45) “This is a colony of snakes, just take a look, every person here stings with great love.”

46) “Don’t expect the person who criticizes others in front of you to praise you in front of others.”

47) “From time to time, a person should praise himself. Others are sitting idle to do evil!”