112 Best quotes about feeling happy

Seeking ways to express happiness or understand your desired emotions? These quotes on feelings and personal qualities can help you express the happiness of your life.

Our quotes are about people’s happy life moments, positive attitudes, emotions and many more.

Quotes about feeling happy

1) “If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness.
But if you work happily, you will surely get happy!!”

2) “May you always be happy!
the greatest punishment for your enemies”

3) “Happiness comes to you only when you
There should be equality in what you think, what you say and what you do!!”

4) “Happiness is the reward that is according to our understanding!
The best is achieved by living the right life!!”

5) “It is not necessary to sweeten the mouth of others only by feeding them sweets, you can give happiness to people even by speaking sweetly!”

6) “The pursuit of happiness is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness”

7) “Ups and downs win and losses, joys and sorrows, this is life at its best.”

8) “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

9) “If you want 1 hour of happiness, take a nap. If you want happiness for 1 day, go fishing. If you want happiness for one year, then become the heir of the property. If you want a lifetime of happiness, help someone else”

10) “Life will always bring pain for all of you, it is your responsibility to create happiness out of it.”

11) “Some people in life are like this,
Those whose love never makes any difference, are called parents..!!”

12) “Life is too short till then keep smiling
As long as your teeth are safe..!!”

13) “Happiness can be found anywhere,
Even in the darkness of the night, all you need is a light..!!”

14) “When ambitions end,
Then happiness begins..!!”

15) “Some people bring happiness wherever they go,
Happiness comes when some people leave..!!”

16) “Successful people may not be happy,
A person who is happy is definitely successful..!!”

17) “It is very easy to smile in happiness, and smile even in sorrow, those characters are different!”

18) “It doesn’t matter if no one blesses us to be happy,
Anyway, we don’t keep happiness, we distribute it!”

19) “There is something in the company of loved ones, it doubles the feelings, whether it is of sorrow or happiness!”

20) “Worry about those things if you want to be happy
Leave what is beyond your willpower!”

21)Happiness is not something you put off for the future
It is something you design for the present!”

22) “If life is to be cut, it will be cut slowly
But if you want to live, it is necessary to smile!”

23) “Keeping everyone happy may not be in our control but someone
It is in our control that sorrow should not come because of us.”

24) “Keep only one principle of life, no matter how much the trouble is, always keep a smile on your face!”

25) “The time you take for your pleasure
You spend it never goes in vain!”

26) “Never let your giggle smile disappear
May your laugh be the reason for someone else’s smile!”

27) “Females be thinking they won cuz they got the guy, sometimes the real winner be the woman that got away”

28) “Be happy with what you have been excited about and what you want”

29) “Always do the right thing no matter what others say. it is you not them, who have to face the consequences.”

30) “Obesity is the only thing
Seeing more of whom others have, we feel happy.”

31) “The boy hugged the girl and said This is direct marketing.
The girl slapped the boy This is customer feedback.”

32) “When I saw you, I thought
How did a mindless person like you come into my life?”

33) “Be happy friends, everyone has to get married one day.”

34) “Seeing the thinking of some people, I feel like asking them
Will you go to hell yourself or I will drop you”

35) “Take our opinion,
Coffee is better than love..!!”

36) Happiness will come and go
Money will come and go
Only one fat is a true friend”

37) “Oh, God!
just give me that much money
All my relatives think that I have..!!”

38) “Pulling the remote lying on the bed with your feet and bringing it closer is a pleasure of its own..!!”

39) “The wedding season is going on… Now the jobbers will come and take away others’ GFs.”

40) “Even if life gets bad, it will work
the phone should not be damaged”

41) “Today’s relationship runs less on trust and more on screenshots.”

42) “Some people are still alive of this,
Because I don’t want to go to jail..!!”