Best quotes about feeling alone & Lonely

When you’re feeling alone or disconnected from others, when you’re going through a difficult situation and need support, or when you want to expose your emotions in a way that others can relate to. Some people find that reading quotes about feeling alone can help them feel less alone and more understood, while others use quotes to help them express their own feelings to others.

Here we compile a list of quotes about feeling alone & relationship trust quotes that might be helpful in different situations:

quotes about feeling alone

Feeling alone can be a common and normal human experience at different points in life. There can be many different reasons, such as being physically isolated from others, experiencing a lack of meaningful connections or relationships, or going through a difficult or stressful time.

It’s important to recognize that feeling alone is a feeling, and not a permanent state or a reflection of your worth as a person. It’s also important to recognize that feeling alone is a common experience.

Feeling alone in situations such as the death or break-up of a loved one, disconnected from friends, spending a lot of time alone with work and many more.

“If you like everyone’s company, you are the loneliest person in the world.”

“Your good habits are the true companions of your loneliness.”

“Lonely is not the one who looks lonely. Lonely is the one who feels lonely when he is with someone.”

“It is not that difficult to be alone. If you ever go out of the crowd and look at that crowd, then it is right.”

“Loneliness is not a disease but the best state of mind”

“There are only two conditions of loneliness – a man troubled by the world, or a man complete in himself.”

“There is no one in this world bigger than yourself and no one will be found.”

“There has been sadness for many days, now I am lonely.”

“Don’t be troubled by loneliness, it is a sign of walking on the right path.”

“Only those who have wisdom are alone, otherwise the world moves with the crowd.”

“To whom should I tell how lonely I am, there is no one to listen.”

“Had left the house alone, everyone says that you have gone ahead, to whom should I tell how lonely I have become?”

“Don’t know why people think about me that ‘he is happy’, why don’t they see the loneliness behind my face.”

“Being alone and crying alone,
Makes a person very strong.”

“Feeling so lonely today.
As if people have gone after burial.”

“Let me say one thing… Never make a habit of talking to anyone,
because when he stops talking it becomes difficult to live”

“I wish someone was mine too who would say don’t cry, Your crying hurts me too.”

“We are still not alone
Our loneliness has made us ours”

“Some people in our life
They come only to break trust.”

“Don’t know how many nights passed crying
I wish someone would come to wipe my tears..!!”

“People who die inside,
Those people teach others to live.”

“We look forward to meeting him
Those who are stubborn not to meet us..!!”

“I have become so used to the loneliness that now I feel lonely even in gatherings..!”

“I know stories of the incomplete love
Because I am also one of those stories..!!”

“Everyone laughs together in happiness, no one cries together in sadness
When there is a need for someone close to you, at that time no one is there for you..!”

“A person learns to live alone when he comes to know that now there is no one to support him.”

Quotes About Alone Life

Living alone life can also be isolating and may cause feelings of loneliness. Where some people like to live alone to enjoy independence and autonomy, as it allows them to have control over their living environment and schedule.

Quotes about feeling alone are helpful for those people who feel very lonely in their life.

Here is a list of quotes about feeling alone in life that may be relevant for those living alone:

“I am neither with you nor with you
For many days I am just sad.”

“more than fake relationships
Loneliness gives comfort.”

“It’s been a long time since I called you
It would have been better if we had taken care of ourselves.!!”

“Go cheater take your life
This heart has remained lonely even when you were there..!”

“I have fallen from this life
Still, I am alone in this world..!”

“One good thing about being alone is that the words of the heart come easily on the pages..!”

“Everyone comes alone..goes alone..and some people also spend life alone…”

Best Quotes about feeling alone

“Now I don’t care about connecting those relations which have been broken silently..!”

“Why should I trouble those who are happy without me?”

“When you have to live alone, then how can you cry?
How to lose someone who was not yours?”

“Learn to walk alone in this world,
The one who is with you today may not be with you tomorrow.”

“I chose loneliness because
Have heard a lot of mean people..!!”

“Will spend life alone by being silent, now will not bring any person close to this heart..!!”

“No one is silent without any reason, the one who has tolerated it understands the meaning of silence..!!”

“O life, don’t be so silent that even if you want to convince me, I cannot convince you..!!”

“There will always be a lack of those things in life
The things I wanted to do only with you..!”

Quotes About Love Feel Alone

Being in love can be a fulfilling experience, When you are not able to be with the person you love, or if you are not in a relationship at all, it can be difficult to cope with feelings alone of loneliness.

It is important to find ways to manage these love feelings and to take care of yourself. We brought the best love-alone feel quotes for you.

“The problem is not that fate cheated me,
I believed in you and not in luck.”

“Giving an excuse for a small mistake, they leave.
These days people know how to play better than heart ❤️”

“I have got so many lessons in life, If you keep worrying then you will burn, If you remain careless then the world will burn”

“If you trust someone less than necessary, then he may feel bad
But trusts someone too much then he can do very bad”

“Talking with whom happiness is doubled and sadness is halved
Only he is ours, the rest of the world is a stranger”

“We keep broken toys too, so what would we give this broken heart to anyone?”

“The one whom I gave my time leaving the whole world, today he has time for everyone except me.”

“The biggest and sweetest word in life is trust, but when it is broken, even a thousand truths will seem like lies to you.”

“People first make us their own, then leave us alone when the meaning is fulfilled.”

“Why do you show false dreams to someone, when the heart has to be broken then why do you come close to someone?”

“We have only benefited by going away from you, that along with love, now the pain has also increased.”

“Happiness in my life is like a youtube ad
Just comes for a few seconds..!!”

“Be alone sometimes
More tears come out than words..!!”

“I slept a lot today I cried a lot
I have not found anything, I have lost a lot..!!”

“Everyone has made me so lonely
That now loneliness seems to be ours..!!”