top motivating Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi that can change your life

Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi are known for being an inspiration to people. His words about truth and actions have inspired people around the world to stand up for what they believe in, fight for justice and equality, and to live a life of purpose and meaning. Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence and his commitment to civil disobedience have made him a role model for people of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’re looking for motivation during difficult times or simply want some wise words to guide you, these quotes of Mahatma Gandhi are sure to bring you inner peace. These phrases can provide encouragement and help you to keep going when faced with adversity.

Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi saw himself as someone who sought truth through non-violence and devotion to God. He believed that using non-violent resistance, or satyagraha, could help both oppressors and oppressed recognize their common humanity and that true freedom must be shared by all.

Are you curious to see some quotes on happiness, love, truth, education, and success by Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi quotes For Success

I remember a story that Gandhiji said for success. Gandhi was once asked about his unusual practice of not ranking students based on their intelligence. He explained that he did not want to compare students and make one seem smarter than the other. Instead, he wanted to see how much progress each student had made and how much they had learned. He believed that if a more intelligent student competed with a less intelligent one and became too confident, they might stop working hard and become dull. He preferred to praise the student who worked hard and did their best.

Mahatma Gandhi believed “keep learning is key for success not ranking”

1. “Man is a creature made of his thoughts, he becomes what he thinks.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “Actions express priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “Live as if you are going to die tomorrow. Learn like you are going to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “Those who save time, save money and money saved is equal to money earned.”- Mahatma Gandhi

5) “You may never know the result of your action, but if you do nothing, there will be no result.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi quotes For Student & Education

Gandhi highlighted the usefulness of education as a way to develop moral principles and self-discipline in addition to knowledge and abilities. He held that education ought to be inclusive, open to all, and aimed at assisting people to become self-reliant, contributing members of society.

1. “All education in a country has got to be demonstrably in promotion of the progress of the country in which it is given.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “Real education has to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but the right education.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “Books are worth more than jewellery because books illuminate the soul.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “No culture can survive if it cannot learn to discipline itself under pressure.” – Mahatma Gandhi

7. “The earth provides enough resources to satisfy everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

8. “Purity of character should be the goal of all knowledge.” – Mahatma Gandhi

9. “It is necessary for the progress of the country to use the national language in national practice.” – Mahatma Gandhi

10. “Basic education links the children, whether of the cities or the villages, to all that is best and lasting in India.” – Mahatma Gandhi

11. If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children. – Mahatma Gandhi

12. “The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

13. “Pride lies in the effort made to achieve the goal, not in achieving it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

14. “If a man wants to learn, then every mistake he makes can teach him something.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi quotes For society

Gandhi believed in the importance of values such as nonviolence, truth, simplicity, and compassion. He believed that these values, which are rooted in Indian tradition, have universal applications and can be reinterpreted to meet the needs of modern society. Gandhi’s philosophy suggests that a modern, materialistic civilization based on industrialism can lead to greed and a lack of contentment.

As a result, Gandhi’s ideas may provide a helpful blueprint for building a healthy, ethical, and spiritually-focused society.

1. “It is dishonest to believe in something and not live it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphaned, and the homeless whether this devastation is brought about in the holy name of authoritarianism or liberty or democracy?” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “God has no religion.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “The culture of a nation lives in the hearts and souls of the people living in it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “A person’s identity is not judged by his clothes but by his character.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “A subtle body with a firm belief in its purpose can change the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

7. “Always aim for the perfect harmony of your thoughts, words and deeds. Always aim to purify your thoughts and everything will fall into place.” – Mahatma Gandhi

8. “I am ready to die, but there is no cause for which I am ready to kill.” – Mahatma Gandhi

9. “A religion which takes no interest in practical matters and helps in solving them is no religion at all.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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10. “A little practice is better than a lot of preaching.” – Mahatma Gandhi

11. “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep telling myself I can’t do a certain thing, it’s possible that I might actually become incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I believe that I can do it, I will certainly acquire the ability to do it, even if I may not have had it in the beginning.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes on unity

Gandhi believed that in a healthy society, people should strive to maintain strong and respectful relationships with one another and that this can be achieved by stressing the basic unity of contending groups and promoting the common good as a shared concern. He believed that by appealing to conscience and reason, and by being willing to make self-sacrifices for the benefit of others, we can cultivate unity and harmony in society. Gandhi’s views on human relations thus emphasized the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and working towards the greater good for all members of society through a sense of unity and shared purpose.

1. “Whoever wants can listen to his inner voice. He is within everyone.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “Don’t lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like the ocean; If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “Believing is a virtue, unbelief is the mother of weakness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “The culture of any country resides in the heart and soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “A subtle body with a firm belief in its cause can change the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “I believe in the equality of all, except journalists and photographers.” – Mahatma Gandhi

7. “There is no path to peace, only peace.” – Mahatma Gandhi

8. “I oppose violence because when it appears to be doing good, that good is temporary; And the evil it does is permanent.” – Mahatma Gandhi

9. “The greatness and moral progress of a country can be judged by how animals are treated there.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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10. “Freedom has no meaning until there is the freedom to make mistakes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

11. “Capital in itself is not evil, it is evil only in its wrong use. There will always be a need for capital in some form or the other.” – Mahatma Gandhi

12. “It is foolish to have too much confidence in your knowledge. It is well to be reminded that the strongest can be weak and the wisest can err.” – Mahatma Gandhi

13. “Whoever wants can listen to his inner voice. It is within everyone.” – Mahatma Gandhi

14. “Try to keep yourself aloof from others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

15. “Non-violence is religion, it is a way of life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

16. “Those who are hungry for their own praise prove that they are not capable.” – Mahatma Gandhi

17. “Silence is most helpful in conquering anger.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote on truth

In his lifelong pursuit of truth, Gandhi experimented with various aspects of life including food, education, relationships, health, religion, society, politics, and more. He documented his experiences in his autobiography, “The Story of My Experiments with Truth,” and although he did not provide a systematic account of truth, his personal journey and commitment to living a truthful life can be seen through his experiences and actions. Gandhi remained dedicated to following the path of truth throughout his life and his resolve to adhere to truth can be seen in his decisions and actions.

1. “Truth is one, and ways are many.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “Truth stands firm even without public support, it is self-sufficient.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God, and non-violence is the means to it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “An error cannot become truth by reasoning, nor can truly become an error because no one is watching it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “Let’s do the first thing in the morning that makes a resolution for this day that – I will be afraid of anyone in the world. No.-I fear only God. I should not have bad feelings towards anyone. I will not bow down before anyone’s injustice. May I conquer untruth with the truth? And resisting untruth, may I endure all suffering.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “All the religions of the world may differ in other things, but they all agree that nothing but truth survives in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on love & Pleasure

1. “Always aim for complete harmony of your thoughts, words and deeds. Always aim to purify your thoughts and all will be well.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “A coward is unable to show love, love is the privilege of the brave.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3. “Happiness is the only perfume, which you sprinkle on others, a few drops of it surely fall on you too.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “When I despair, I remember that throughout history the way of truth and love has always triumphed. There have been many dictators and murderers, who may seem invincible for a while, but eventually, they fall. Think about it- always.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

6. “Happiness is not something to be found from the outside, but it is not going to be achieved without leaving the ego.” – Mahatma Gandhi

7. “Poverty is not a divine curse but a man-made conspiracy.” – Mahatma Gandhi

8. “It is better to die fighting than to be a coward.” – Mahatma Gandhi

9. “The power of love is a thousand times more effective and lasting than the power of punishment.” – Mahatma Gandhi

10. “There is no knowledge without curiosity. There is no happiness without sadness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

11. “Laughter easily unties the knots of the mind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

12. “Love is the greatest power in the world and yet the most humble of all we can imagine.” – Mahatma Gandhi

13. “Whenever you are faced with an opponent, conquer him with love.” – Mahatma Gandhi

14. “Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

15. “Nothing ruins the body so much as worry, and he who has the slightest faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything.” – Mahatma Gandhi

16. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

17. “Faith should always be weighed against reason. When faith becomes blind, it dies.” – Mahatma Gandhi

18. “To give joy to one heart by one act are better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi

19. “To submit to evil is cowardice, to oppose it is a man’s effort.” – Mahatma Gandhi

20. “The Seven Deadly Sins: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Science without humanity; Knowledge without character; Politics without principles; Business without ethics; Worship without sacrifice.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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21. “Continuous development is the law of life, and the person who always tries to maintain his orthodoxy in order to appear right gets himself into the wrong position.” – Mahatma Gandhi

22. “Don’t ask for prayer. This is the longing of the soul. It is an everyday admission of one’s weaknesses. In prayer, it is better to have a mind without words than not to have a mind with words.” – Mahatma Gandhi

23. “I will not allow anyone to pass through my mind with dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi

24. “Admitting your mistake is like sweeping the floor to make it shiny and clean.” – Mahatma Gandhi

25. “You can chain me, torture me, even destroy this body, but you can never imprison my thoughts.” – Mahatma Gandhi

26. “Silence is the most powerful speech. Slowly the world will listen to you.” – Mahatma Gandhi

27. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

28. “A “No” spoken with full conviction is better than a “Yes” spoken just to please others or get rid of a problem.” – Mahatma Gandhi

29. “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of true understanding.” – Mahatma Gandhi

30. “I am ready to die, but there is no cause for which I am ready to kill.” – Mahatma Gandhi

31. “Silence is the most powerful speech, slowly the world will listen to you.” – Mahatma Gandhi

32. “I offer you peace. I propose your love. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your spirit.” – Mahatma Gandhi

33. “The day the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will be peace in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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